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"Эксклюзивная мебель и предметы интерьера"
Tetris Office Desk
  • Размер: 150x60/80x h.76см.см.
  • Материал: Дерево, ткань
  • Наличие: Под заказ

Our Tetris desk is the perfect piece for those in search of a comfortable, modern office. It is made of solid lime tree wood and cherry veneered chipboard, so it is a high-quality, durable piece of furniture.
It has two legs on its right side, but on its left side, it has a storage area with two drawers and a door. This original and unique desk is full of colour and creative ornaments.

Customizable pieces of furniture: This desk is handmade by our artisans, so if you want to have their colour or sized modified to your liking, just tell us about it and we will look for the best option.

  • 2 drawers + 1 door
  • L150 D60/80 H76
  • Wood: chipboard with cherry veneer + solid linden wood

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